Djewels - Jewelry Shop in Antalya


We Craft Your Dreams

We are a multi generations jewelry craftsmen and store . Our main expertise lies in the production of unique jewelry. Our workshop also allows us to craft, transform, adapt and repair any jewelry. Our commitment lies in our ability to follow and support our customers, by adapting to their desires and the materials they wish to use while respecting current trends. All our teams are jewelry and gems specialists. We strive to be constantly alert on the latest artistic trends to advise you as accurately as possible.

Jewelry Shop in Antalya

Mission & Vision

The Jewelry Workshop is made up of a team of jewelers, all trained and qualified to offer you work worthy of recognized craftsmanship.

Our vision of excellence takes us beyond custom-made creation; as artisans we bring the jewel to life so that it crosses time and times. We offer all types of interventions, from repair to transformation, re-manufacturing or even pairing.

The art of jewelry is mastered with time and passion ...